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Home Décor Trends For 2017

Hello everyone…

Well, it’s 2017 now and it’s time to close the books on 2016. Experts recently announced their 2017 color trends which creates a cozy lifestyle and brings a sense of sanctuary into our homes. So what are going to be your paint trend for 2017? Many of you have already been considering this for awhile, of course. Some of you had all planned out. We also have some color in our list; take a look at these trends to keep your eyes on.  These trends are going to make waves this year surely.

Blue-Green: According to our stable of interior experts, these are the most trending color this year. Pick a paint brush –you will want these Blue-green in your home ASAP.blue-green.jpg

Country-Blue: The Smoky silk-satin headboard set the tone. Then you threw in the mirrored bedside tables, the lustrous bedding, the Lucite curtain hardware and the starburst mirror and you’re so far down that road you can’t go back.


Dusky Blue: It’s a master walls color. It’s a great combination of dusty blue and the dark. The fact that both colors are found in the area rug in the center of the room makes the whole space feel very well-balanced.


Dusted Yellow: Yellow, from pale butter to dark mustard, is cropping up everywhere. It takes bold direction when paired with black, white, Poised Taupe and deep teal for a super graphic look.

dusky pink.jpg

Earthy Green and Taupe Beige: Earthy, natural greens will continue to emerge, representing simplicity, growth, and endurance. A deep, plum-black provides the substance and soil for the brighter colors to take root.

Earthy Green and Taupe Beige.jpg

Light Blue-Green: This color is elegant and flattering. You feel pretty here, and pretty never go out of style.

light blue-green.jpg

Sunshine Yellow: Our full 2017 color collection ranges from deep and moody darks to atmospheric and organic-inspired selections. This lemon yellow is on the floor.


Mineral Gray: – Mineral gray are popping up everywhere lately, like in this bedroom.


Pastel Pink Pastels: Pastel takes on a vintage vibe with dusty pink, amber, Poised Taupe, sage and oxidized yellow.



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