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Best Ideas for Generating Leads from Facebook


Marketing environment is becoming highly intricate and competitive day by day. To generate new real estate leads is becoming a big challenge for the real estate agents. We are making a humble try through this blog and wish to share some good ideas for generating real estate leads from Facebook. Most marketing professionals will agree that Facebook is an important business tool, which can help reach a wide spectrum of audience and also helps to build your brand identity.

Set Up a Facebook Page: Many agents use their personal accounts for their business but it is recommended to create a separate business page. It will look more professional and it allows you to increase your followers more efficiently by using features which are not available in personal accounts.

Redirect Traffic to your Landing Page: It is a best way to get more leads from Facebook. You just need to re-direct people to landing page of your website. Because photos will get more likes than content, add more relevant photos on your Facebook business page and ensure to add links back to your website to capture these leads.

Avoid Direct Selling: Don’t post direct advertising on your page. It will put bad impression on your audience and they will more than likely ignore it. Perhaps you can provide quality, informative content to get more leads and conversions.

Customized Tabs: This is an important lead generation tactic that no one will want to miss out. Call to action buttons on Facebook can help to drive more traffic from Facebook pages to your website. Make tabs for sales, events, discounts, videos and what you have offered to generate more interest.

Join Relevant Groups and Communities: Join Facebook groups that are relevant to information you provide and participate as much as possible. Share information, offer advice and post your latest home listings. You can also share your blog post in groups.

Become the Expert for Your Targeted Audience: Build your reputation as an expert. Give your advice and offer your expertise liberally to your target audience. People will definitely begin trusting you and will think about your services when they need it.

These are some nice ideas to generate real estate leads from Facebook business pages. We hope that you found this blog informative and useful. We would love to get your suggestions and feedback.

Thank You!!


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