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Real Estate Marketing Ideas 2016

Real estate marketing is a tricky business where competition is high and the target inventory is relatively low. Generating fresh leads is a real tough task irrespective of the fact whether you are a beginner or an expert real estate agent. But we are here to help you with our real estate marketing ideas which will encourage your audience to eventually do business with you. You will find information here to start your marketing strategy that will make your job easier and help you to stay ahead in the competition.


For Your Website

Get a Responsive Website: Most of the users browse website on the mobile devices than on a laptop or desktop. Responsive designs are becoming a necessity and a must for website to fetch higher traffic. It also helps in increasing the search engine ranking of the website thereby attracting more visitors.


Maintain Personal Blog: Blog is a great marketing tool which can put massive impact on search engine ranking, social media visibility and it is a great place to interact with potential clients, discuss relevant industry & local market news and invite comments / suggestions from the readers.

Create Videos: – Videos are a powerful medium to generate real estate leads. It will encourage them to spend a while on your website. Through this you can showcase your portfolio and home listings.

Add Social Sharing on Your Website:  Add social sharing buttons on your website, it will help your clients to email and share various property pictures online with their family and friends.


Online Marketing

Social media accounts:  If you do not have social media accounts on all major networks like Face book, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and Instagram; create one now. Interact with users on these networks, share your posts daily and promote your business.


Pinterest Boards:  Pinterest board is a great way to showcase images and information of your specific listings. You can create a board to showcase single property in which you can highlights major benefits and amenities of that property.

Ask for Testimonials from earlier Clients: Testimonials are trust signals. It shows real, live peoples supporting your business dealings. Place these testimonials on your website and share them on social networks.

Get on Zillow: Zillow is basically a yelp of real estate marketing. It will increase the chance of your visibility in the real estate business.


Hire a professional photographer: Successful real estate depends on good quality pictures of property dealings done by you. Higher professional photographer for this purpose as low quality photos will only diminish the interest of prospective clients.


Offline Marketing

Host free seminars for home buyers: A home buying seminar is the local equivalent of a webinar. Make your knowledge available to the community by hosting mini-seminars about the basics of home buying and mortgages.

Become columnist in Local magazines and newspapers: Getting yourself in local magazine or newspapers will quickly broadcast the word about you and your brand to huge audience base.

Above mentioned ideas will definitely help you to get more real estate business. We hope you will enjoy applying the stated tactics to good effect. If you have some more bright ideas to share, we will love to have them in comments and feedback.




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