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Coldwell Banker Associated Brokers Realty

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Here is our new blog about Coldwell Banker Associated Brokers Realty. In this blog we tried to highlight Coldwell Banker Company’s history, Award/ Recognition and most importantly some facts about the company’s enlarge network. It will be worthwhile for you to read this and please don’t forget to share your comments with us. 🙂

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In 1906, Colbert Coldwell, a young real estate sales associate, observed families trying to piece their lives together following the disastrous San Francisco earthquake. He observed many of his sales associates acquiring property from vulnerable sellers and resold them at huge profits. He was deeply touched and felt the need for trusted, honest, and knowledgeable real estate services. As a result, the Coldwell Banker brand was established in 1906 and an international story of leadership, innovation, and success began in San Francisco. Benjamin Banker joined him in that mission a few years later.

The founding tradition and heritage of providing professionalism and superior customer service remains at the core of the Coldwell Banker philosophy. More than 109 years later, it has approximately 3,500 offices in 45 countries and territories. Coldwell Banker has entered its second century in real estate and continues to offer clients a level of service and resources of which Colbert Coldwell and his partner Benjamin Banker would be proud.

Awards & Recognition

In 2008, Coldwell Banker Works, the brand’s intranet site, was named one of the world’s best according to a Nielsen Norman Group report. After that in May 2008, Coldwell Banker Home Tracker was named one of five finalists by the American Business Awards. Coldwell Banker Real Estate was the highest ranked real estate franchise on the list in 2011 and by 2013, they ranked third overall, and reached the list for the third year in a row.

 Facts about Colwell Banker Real Estate

  • Coldwell Banker has 100+ years of leadership, experience and stability.
  • Company has almost 130,000 sales associates internationally.
  • Coldwell Banker customers are so satisfied with company’s service; they would recommend it to their friends and families without a second thought.
  • Coldwell Banker Company advertises listings nationally on TV, radio, newspaper, magazines.
  • Company provides Professional training through Coldwell Banker University and their unique Success Center.
  • Coldwell Banker real estate has Personal websites for every agent.
  • In March 2008, Nielsen Net Ratings did show an industry increase in unique visitor web traffic at 5%. However,, the national website of Coldwell Banker outperformed the industry average with a 10% increase in unique visitor traffic, year over year (Source: Nielsen Net Ratings, Jan–March 2008). It is one of the Top Ten most heavily visited real estate sites in the world.





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