Real Estate

Top Reasons Why You Need Real Estate Agents to Buy or Sell Homes


Selling or buying Dream Home is a great event in our life, and one that is best facilitated with the help of qualified professionals.  According to a survey of National Association of Realtors 2015 on profiles of Home Buyers, 87% of people buy their homes through Real Estate Brokers. While real estate websites & mobile apps also can help you to find homes you might be interested in, but real estate agent do much more in sale or purchase of a property, especially in sale of a property. An experienced Real Estate Broker is capable of performing various beneficial roles in the sale of your property.

Real Estate Agents do following things to get your Property Sold

Need Analysis: They analyze desires and economic capabilities of potential buyers and would make appropriate suggestions. They can also make positive influence on buyers and help them decide what to buy.

Negotiators: They are expert negotiators and will get you the best price possible. They will help you to find the average sales prices in your area, percentage of the first listed prices sold vs. the last listed prices sold and the total ratio of homes in your area that have sold in the past few years.

Best Escrow Guidance: They will work directly with your lender, guide you through the escrow process and help with home inspections.

Advertisement: Expert agents will strongly market your property via websites, social media outlets, and newspaper, which is not easy for an individual to manage at their own. They are any time well conversant with ever changing position of real estate market.

Commercial Awareness: A real estate agent will not only have good knowledge of the real estate market, but will also be able to use facts about your community such as Demographics, Housing Prices, Public Transportation, Local politics, Schools, Parks and Recreation, Council Fees, Crime Statistics.

Up-to-date Market Information: They can help you with up-to-date market information about property prices, financing terms and conditions for different properties.

Find an Agent you can trust & comfortable working with and you are sure to get benefits from their experience, knowledge and skills.


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